WHAT IS THIS SITE ALL ABOUT ?Listen to the Voki to find out.

A Voki is a talking avatar that allows teachers to present information or instructions in a fun way.
Students can replay as often as they need.
Vokis can motivate students to participate, especially if they create their own.
Why don't you have a go at doing one yourself?

What this site is

  • A collaborative space to help teachers understand how to better their practice by using Guided Inquiry and Web 2.0 tools to implement the National Curriculum for History

  • Suggestions of guided inquiry learning experiences that match one depth study per year level (Years 7 – 10), as specified by the National Curriculum

  • Worked and useable examples of how to Web 2.0 tools to implement the guided inquiry experiences in your classroom

  • A reflection on how the concepts of History, Guided Inquiry and Web 2.0 interconnect

  • A Web 2.0 tool – a wiki is a collaborative space that members can add to

  • An opportunity to reflect on your practice – try some of our surveys and polls or join the discussions

What this site is not

  • A static list of Web 2.0 tools

  • A comprehensive unit plan for each depth study of each year level

  • A finished product – a wiki has the potential to be continually updated

MEET THE TEAMWe are all current students studying for our Masters of Education and all have a keen interest in using Web2 tools with a guided inquiry approach to the teaching of History. Some of us have used Web2 tools before others have not. We all are enthused by the wonderful possibilities of teaching History using the plethora of Web2 tools available.

Current Position:
Teacher Librarian (Years 7-12)
Page contribution:
Why learn with HIT?, Why use Web2Tools?, Year 9, PMI for Web Tools

Current Position:
Teacher - Yr 8 French, Yr 10-12 English, Yr 10 History, & Yr 10 ICT
Page contribution:
Home, Why use Web2Tools?, Year 10, PMI for Web Tool

Current Position:
Head of Curriculum, Teacher- Year 7
Page contribution:
Home, Why learn with HIT?, TELSTAR Model, Year 7, PMI for Web Tools

Current Position:
Head of Library Services P-12, Teacher-Librarian 6-9
Page contribution:
Home, Why learn with HIT?, TELSTAR Model, Year 7, PMI for Web Tools

Current Position:
Teacher - Yr 8 - 12 English, Yr 8 History, Yr 12 Modern History.
Page contribution:
Home, TELSTAR Model, Year 8, PMI for Web Tools
Avatars allow teachers and students to create online images of themselves. This can be a fun and inventive way of getting student to step outside their comfort zone and take risks in learning. Why not make one for yourself at Doppelme

Throughout this site you will come across a number of polls or surveys. Don’t hold back have a go! The results are published immediately and you may be surprised with the what you find.
  1. Analysing Perspectives
  2. Ancient History
  3. Apps
  4. Australian History Curriculum
  5. Aztecs
  6. Bubbl.us
  7. Cause and Effect
  8. Chris Lehman
  9. Collaboration
  10. Collaborative
  11. Collaborative writing
  12. DER
  13. Decision Making
  14. Delicious
  15. Depth Study
  16. Diigo
  17. Glogster
  18. Google Docs
  19. Guided inquiry
  20. Henry Jenkins
  21. History Inquiry
  22. Inquiry/Research Questions
  23. KWL
  24. Kuhlthau
  25. Livebinders
  27. Mind Map
  28. Mindomo
  29. Only2Clicks
  30. Penzu
  31. Pixton
  32. Polldaddy
  33. Popplet
  34. Prezi
  35. Questioning
  36. Quizlet
  37. Research Journal
  38. SEEK.com
  39. Scootle
  40. Scribd
  41. Source Analysis
  42. Spanish Conquest
  43. Steve Wheeler
  44. Stixy
  46. TREATY
  47. Timeglider
  48. Typewith.me
  50. VoiceThread
  51. WWI
  52. WWII
  53. War
  54. Web2.0
  55. Web2.0 tools
  56. Year 10
  57. Year 7
  58. Year 8 Overview
  59. YouTube
  60. avatar
  61. blog
  62. chronology
  63. history
  64. inquiry
  65. learners
  66. poll
  67. readwritethink
  68. reflection
  69. sitehoover
  70. slideshare
  71. survey
  72. voki
  73. xtranormal